Twenty-five Percent Gone

Yes, that’s right. Twenty-five percent is gone for good. To bad it is twenty-five percent of 2017, and not twenty-five percent of my weight. I haven’t had much focus. I feel like I have wasted that twenty-five percent.

I have been riding my bike regularly. I’ve also been eating junk food regularly. Unfortunately the two haven’t exactly evened each other out. I’m three pounds heavier then I was at the start of the year. I have done more damage in shorter amounts of time. It might not have been the plan, but it is what I earned.

I’m pretty comfortable in my skin. I want to be healthier. That means losing weight for my health. I’m never going to look good in a bikini again. I’m fine with that. I’m not fine with the weight related health problems that I have.

My life is about to have some added stress. I would like to handle it in a healthy way. I need to feel better to make it through this new season of life.

It is time for daily self care.

2017 Goals

In true procrastinator fashion, I am finally getting around to committing to a list of goals for 2017. I have had plenty of time to think these goals through since it is almost February. Some of these I’ve been working on already.  Before anymore time is lost, on to the goals.


I am going to devote 15 minutes a day to the garden starting in mid February. I have already purchased seeds from Baker Creek.


Zero less waste. Make sure we eat the produce before it goes bad. Make sure I cook the meat I took out of the freezer.

Buy much more real food and much less processed food.


Drink at least 64 ounces of water daily. Quit drinking soda.


Only weigh myself once a month. Weigh less than the previous month.


Bike 1000 miles.

Yoga once a week.


Crochet one dishcloth a month.

My secret work Christmas project.


Purge 1.5 years worth of files. This is a huge task that involves reading thousands of reports.


Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it.

Put up new curtains in the computer room.

Try one new recipe a month.


Go on one overnight+ trip.

Me, Myself and I

Turn off all electronics by 9:00 p.m. Read for an hour before bed.

Meditate daily.

Use a sheet mask at least once a week.


The Missing Component of My Being

Life has been so busy. My free moments have been few and far between this month. It has been a great month. The ups far out weigh the downs.

I have been doing Lean for Life for 28 days. As of yesterday, I have  lost 20 pounds. I feel great. I feel satisfied when I eat. I am usually not hungry between meals and snacks. I am currently at 239.6. The 230’s always feel good to me. My yo-yoing doesn’t get me down to there  often. When it does it feels like the shift between being morbidly obese and being a normal person. Of course, ‘normal’ means overweight but it feels noticeably different to me. Let’s be honest. I am still obese but if feels like a gear has shifted.

My husband and I have road bicycles off and on all through our 21 years of marriage. It has mostly been off, but there have been a few chunks of time where we rode regularly on the weekends. I have wanted a new bike for years. I was all set to get one several years back. I had a bonus check that was burning a hole in my pocket. I was just waiting for the weekend. That was the week my husband found out that his employer could no longer afford to keep him on. The bike idea was scratched. My husband never forgot that. On May 14th I got a new bike. It is a Trek. I love it. Since buying it, we have road 44 miles. I am tracking the total mileage in the sidebar on the right. We are trying to ride 3 days a week which is much more then we ever did before.

I want to try yoga. I have looked around for some local classes. There are no beginner classes that are consistently at the same time several nights a week.  I don’t even know if I could find the time if there were. I dug around and found I have Rodney Yee’s Yoga For Beginners. I can’t find the case, but the DVD was floating around with some other strays. I remember trying it once, but I am not sure why I didn’t do it again. Yoga is always in the back of my mind when I try to lose weight. I usually don’t bother to exercise so the thought doesn’t go far. I found something interesting while looking for a yoga class. One of the Physical Education teachers from my high school is a yoga instructors. There was a picture of her. She looked the same as I remember her looking in the 80’s. In her bio, she says she starting doing yoga to relieve stress from working in the public school system. She found yoga to be the missing component of her being.

The missing component of her being.

That phrase now enters my head several times a day. I know I have a missing component to my being. Is it yoga? I don’t know but I am willing to find out.

I almost feel like biking might be the missing component of my being. This week we have been on a trail that I used to ride a lot alone in the early years of our marriage. Back then, the trail was my favorite place in the world. It was a new trail back then. The vegetation and trees have matured. Being back on that trail feels like home. I think it can easily become my favorite place again.

The Need for a Plan

Things feel more in control this week. They are falling back into a rhythm. I was having trouble getting to sleep and waking up in the first few weeks after I had surgery. Both are better this week. Also my eating is better. I can’t say I’m eating great, but it is much better then last week.

Speaking of eating, I need a plan. I have the vague idea of ‘losing weight’ without any kind of plan. Let’s face it, it is not working. There are two plans that I have done well on in the past that I keep considering.

The first is Weight Watchers. Several years ago, I lost around 70 pounds on Weight Watchers. I found it all again. Last week I read that Biggest Loser winner, Ali Vincent, joined Weight Watchers. She says she feels like a failure for regaining weight. I think it makes her human. Keeping weight off is much harder than losing it. At least it is for me.

The second program I am considering is Lean For Life. Around a decade or so ago, I lost 50 pounds in two months on Lean for Life. Lean for Life isn’t for the faint of heart. It is hardcore. It leaves no room for cheat days and makes it clear why you should not have them. I don’t think I could stick with this long term. It would be nice to have a round of quick and motivating weight loss to get the momentum going. The question is, am I capable of sticking to such a hard core program right now?

Both have their pros and cons. The biggest con for Weight Watchers is there is not a good meeting time available for me so I would have to do it online. The biggest con for Lean For Life is the strictness it requires.

I am going to decide soon. This lose a pound, gain a pound program I am on now is just not conducive to weight loss.

2016 Link Party List


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When I heard the news that Prince died this week, I had to sit down for a moment. It was a huge blow to the Candace I once was. Prince rarely crossed my mind in the last few decades but there once was a time when he meant the world to me. Even if he never knew I existed.

In 1985, there was nobody I loved more than Prince. I was a huge fan. My favorite movie star was Matt Dillon. My favorite singer was Prince. My bedroom had a wall dedicated to Prince. I loved that he rocked the guy liner. I loved the clothes he wore. I loved his music.

Then the most wonderful thing happened to a star struck fourteen year old. Prince came to my town. The kids all thought we lived in a ‘cow town’ but the city had an arena venue. Unfortunately, my friends and I dragged our feet and the show sold out. We were devastated. Lucky for us, a second show was announced. We all gave our $20.00 bills to our friend Lisa’s mom and she purchased five tickets to see His Purple Majesty.

It was a situation, that now as a mother, makes me cringe. Five girls going alone to a concert. The oldest is only fifteen. The youngest is Lisa’s little sister, who I think was ten. Did my mother even know how dirty his lyrics were? The fourteen year old me knew what the lyrics meant, but they didn’t have the visual effect that the forty six year old me gets. Over the years, as I listen back to the songs of my youth, I realize that I was oblivious to a lot of innuendos. It is not just Prince songs either.

I am sad to say that I don’t remember much about the concert. It was the biggest thing in my life back then. Today, as with many memories, it has faded. I remember the excitement. I remember our group waiting for the concert. I remember that I was chewing gum in line outside the venue. But there is not one clear memory of anything Prince did that night. I vaguely remember him singing Purple Rain. I’m not sure if it is a real memory or I know it to be true because it was The Purple Rain Tour. It was so important at the time. I am sure we must have rehashed the details to our other friends many times. I have searched and searched the memory files in my mind and it just isn’t there anymore. It is disappointing on so many levels and makes me worry about the health of my mind.

Up until a few years ago, I had the t-shirt I bought that night. I finally threw out the bag that held multiple concert shirts from the 80’s. All that is left is my fading memory and the ticket stub.

RIP Prince



Right or left?

Should you leave now, or in ten minutes?

Should you go to the bank first, or the drug store?

You could go grocery shopping on Saturday or Sunday.

Should you take Sandalwood Road or Oak Drive?

Choices. So many choices. We make them daily. Often they come without much thought. They are the tasks we do every day, day in and day out. Most of the time we just do them. There is no big internal debate.

But what if one of those choices changes your life?

If you didn’t go to that party, you would have never met your husband. Life would be different. What if you skipped out on that job interview that landed you the job you have held for close to two decades? Life would be, at least to some extent, different.

What if you had waited ten minutes before leaving on your errands? You would have missed that car that pulled out in front of you, avoiding a traffic accident.

If you worry about all the what ifs for every single thing you do, it would drive you crazy. Sometimes I do think about it. I only allow the thought to stay for a moment before I push it out of my head. It can’t linger there. There are to many choices to make to dwell on them.

One of my friends should have waited ten more minutes to do his errands this week. A truck violated his right of way. He was unable to avoid hitting the vehicle. At the scene everyone seemed fine at first. Everyone was out of their vehicles. Everyone was walking around. My friend’s neck started to hurt. This isn’t surprising. He hit the truck hard. He totaled the vehicle he was driving. The airbag failed to deploy.

An ambulance was dispatched to the scene. They took my friend to the hospital. Whatever the paramedic did at the accident scene saved his life. That is what the doctors have told him. He is alive because of the top notch care he received from a first responder. It turns out his neck was fractured on both sides of the vertebrae.

He has a long recovery ahead of him. His life is different. It might always be different. We don’t know right now.

This has served as a reminder to me to hug my love ones good bye and tell them I love them. We never know what our choices will result in.

My Failed Target $10 Challenge


I watched a few YouTube videos of people doing the $10 Target challenge. If you aren’t familiar with the challenge, it is where you buy 10 items at Target while only spending $10. It sounded simple enough. In fact, I set out to one up the Youtubers. After watching the useless stuff they bought, to include someone over 30 without children buying sidewalk chalk and another buying baby socks for the hypothetical baby they may or may not have one day, I decided I would only buy things I could use. Easy peasy!!I smugly set off for Target with $10 burning a hole in my pocket.

I started off in the grocery section. I put a few things in my cart as I walked around with a spring in my step.

…and walked

…and walked

After the first 4 items, I was like a pinball banking wildly off the Target aisles. I’ll get a pen. Wait, the cheapest one is almost $3.00. I will look at the sample section. What do you mean this shot glass size of shampoo is almost $1.50?

Finally, after walking around target for an hour and a half, I admitted defeat. I wasn’t going to resort to buying sidewalk chalk and baby socks. My baby is fifteen.

Then I had an idea. I would go to Aldi. Yes!! I could do the challenge at Aldi. I know. I know. That really isn’t much of a challenge so I upped the ante a bit. Not only would I only buy things I could use, I would have to buy meat, produce and chocolate.


It might not have been a challenge, per se, but it was an exercise in being responsible with money. I usually go to the grocery store, fill my cart up, and spend way to much money. Having to think about what I could afford caused me to make better choices. The $10 got me food for two dinners for three people and some leftovers for lunch plus some extras. Happiness is German chocolate for $.99.


What would you do with $10?



My Top Three Reasons to Lose Weight


It could have went either way this week. Lucky for me it went down. I was down a whopping .4 of a pound. I’m not sure I deserve it, but I will take it. I need to find more enthusiasm for this or I am just going to keep yo-yoing in the 250’s.

I need a little motivation, so here are my top three reasons to lose weight.

Improved Memory

Research shows that losing weight can improve your memory. I need all the help I can get with my memory. Most things I need to do are wrote down on index cards so I can keep track of my tasks. I usually chose florescent colors so I don’t lose them. It makes sense that if you improve your health, you improve everywhere, even your brain.

Save Money

Most things I have read focus on the big picture of your health and the reduced medical cost of being at a healthy weight. I would rather focus on the smaller daily things. If you weigh less, your car uses less fuel. There are reduced food costs as well. I weigh a lot because I eat a lot. Processed food adds a lot to your food costs. Yesterdays lunch cost over $8.00 at a fast food restaurant. A healthy homemade lunch would cost far less.


Knees take a beating. The force they take is 1.5 times your weight. That means my knees think I am 375 pounds. Losing weight reduces stress on your weight bearing joints. Less stress on your joints means less pain. Being overweight causes inflammation which can cause pain in other joints.

What motivates you?

You are here


But is it where you want to be?

If you aren’t where you want to be in life, perhaps it is time to make some changes. Since you can only change you, let’s look things you can do to make your life a place where you want to be.

Get out of your rut

Are you stuck in a rut? Doing the same thing day in and day out can numb your mind. It is time to shake things up. Step out of your comfort zone.

  • Volunteer your time. Volunteering provides a change of scenery and allows you to meet new people while giving back to the community.
  • Go on an adventure. This can be as simple as a hiking trail in a local park or a trip across the globe. No matter what your price range, adventure is waiting to be found.
  • Take a class. Do you want to learn how to decorate cakes or make your own clothing? Do you have a local farm that has classes on permaculture or soap making? Have you always regretted not finishing up your degree? Explore what is available in your area.  


Are you giving it the time and effort it deserves? It is easy to get caught up in the daily routine and forget the small things that keep relationships strong.

  • Turn off the electronics. Give each other some uninterrupted time. I promise you Facebook will still be there when you get back online.
  • Go to bed at the same time. Does it feel like you don’t have enough time together? The quite moments before sleep are a good time to connect.
  • Hug daily. Every time you touch your partner, it sends positive messages to them. The more you touch each other, the more comfortable it is.


It is called work for a reason, but it shouldn’t be somewhere you dread going.

  • Do you need a change? Sometimes it is time to move on to bigger and better things. Sometimes it is time to reverse your routine at your current job if you have the flexibility to do so.
  • Take lunch. Stepping away from it all helps recharge your batteries and clear your head.
  • Get to know your coworkers. They can be the best part of any job you have.

Your happiness depends on you. Your life is what you make it. Making a few changes can make your life exactly where you want to be.