Blue Paper Bead Bracelet


It has been awhile since I made any beads. I chose a dark blue marble paper. The beads are 1/4 inch wide. Quarter inch wide beads have become my favorite. My consistency still needs work. Practice. Practice. Practice.

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I was excited to get back into the swing of things after my new tools arrived.  I bought this 16 piece Wisehands Jewelry Making Tool Kit. Since I am now equipped with more tools then I probably need, I decided to try and up my jewelry game by using wire.

IMG_0594 - Copy

Wire is harder to work with than I thought. Before I try to work with it again, I am going to have to do some research on tips and tricks. It bent out of shape very easily. Once out of shape, it was impossible to smooth out.

IMG_0597 - Copy

Luckily the beads cover a good bit of the warped wire. Once the beads are over the wire there is an illusion of straightness.

IMG_0608 - Copy

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day. If you are able to, hug your mother. My husband wishes his was still with us so he could hug her.

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Purple Paper Bead Bracelets


The world was working against me while I made these bracelets. In the end, I won. The current score is Candace – 1 and World – 0.


My rolling consistency is improving. I think it was about 50/50 on this batch. Half being ‘kinda’ even, and the other have being definitely uneven.


This is the first batch I glazed. I was a little nervous about it, but it went well. I used Beadmaster Extraordinaire Janice Mae’s Vibrance Paper Bead Glaze.


Two coats of Vibrance produced a nice shine. Per the instructions, you can string the beads on fishing line and dip multiple beads at once.


Surprisingly enough, the beads do not stick together. Next time I will only string the same color beads together. I mixed the two colors on the fishing line. You can see a ridge of the darker color around the hole of the white and purple beads.


I am very happy these beads. They are shaped better my previous attempts and the glazing was a success.


Then the problem happened. The beads and cord I bought to go with my paper beads disappeared. Gone. Nowhere to be found. After looking up one side of the house and down the other, my conclusion is that they were accidently thrown away.


The project was put on hold until I could go to the craft store where I begrudgingly replaced the missing items.


In the end, it was worth it. Behold, my first finished bead project.


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Tiny Paper Beads


I bought some origami paper that was on Ebay. I didn’t realize that it was the size of a Post It note. Serves me right for not thinking about what 7.5 centimeters is in inches.


The colors are bright and cheerful. Rather then just reassign the paper to note taking detail, I decided to make it work for the purpose I intended.


A pile of tiny triangles waiting to be rolled into beads. Perhaps they should be reassigned as confetti.

WP_20160228_006 (1)

Twenty one tiny beads that may or may not be functional. I bought some bead glaze, but I have yet to use it. I’m not sure if it would toughen these delicate cylinders up enough to be useable.


I like they way they turned out. The color variation looks good. They are the best beads I have made so far. The rolling is nice and even, for the most part.

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You will never know if you will succeed unless you try.

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Paper Beads


For Christmas I got this nifty little gadget to make your own paper beads.


Today I took it out for the first time. Basically you cut your paper, slide the end of the paper between two metal prongs, and turn the crank to wind to paper into a bead.

WP_20160124_005 (1)

This is some paper that came with the gadget. It has lines to cut on. I need to buy a ruler to help me cut my own paper out.

WP_20160124_007 (1)

Here is my first bead. It is going to take some practice to get good at it. It felt good to be crafty again.