Twenty-five Percent Gone

Yes, that’s right. Twenty-five percent is gone for good. To bad it is twenty-five percent of 2017, and not twenty-five percent of my weight. I haven’t had much focus. I feel like I have wasted that twenty-five percent.

I have been riding my bike regularly. I’ve also been eating junk food regularly. Unfortunately the two haven’t exactly evened each other out. I’m three pounds heavier then I was at the start of the year. I have done more damage in shorter amounts of time. It might not have been the plan, but it is what I earned.

I’m pretty comfortable in my skin. I want to be healthier. That means losing weight for my health. I’m never going to look good in a bikini again. I’m fine with that. I’m not fine with the weight related health problems that I have.

My life is about to have some added stress. I would like to handle it in a healthy way. I need to feel better to make it through this new season of life.

It is time for daily self care.

One thought on “Twenty-five Percent Gone

  1. Self care was so huge for me! And it can be so much more than a dumb bath. For me it was actually listening to my body and realizing that something was really wrong, then going to the doctor for it. Simple, but it changed my course.

    It’s tuning in 🙂

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