Happy Halloween!


How is it Halloween already? Time just moves way to fast. Christmas is right around the corner.

So much has happened since my last post. It has been a stressful year. In no particular order, here is an update.

  • I gained weight. A lot of weight.
  • I am desperately trying to get my daughter into an alternative school that in some ways she qualifies for and other ways she does not. I am going to be heartbroken if she is not accepted.
  • I got into a car accident. It was pretty traumatic mentally, but luckily there were only minor injuries.
  • I had to start driving a car that isn’t ready for me to start driving. It runs and drives, so I shouldn’t complain.
  • My garden died a horrible death from dehydration.
  • I can’t remember the last time I worked a full week. My life has turned into an endless stream of appointments.
  • I have engaged in way to much retail therapy.
  • We need a new roof and some septic system repairs, both of which I am trying to ignore.
  • My mother had to have one of her beloved cats put to sleep.

I could keep going but it is a bit depressing. I hope returning to this space will give me an outlet for some of the stress going on in my life. Riding my bike was a good stress relief, but I haven’t been doing that either. If my daughter starts going to the new school, it won’t be possible to ride during the week. I once had a conversation with a doctor about exercise. At the time, I was working four 12 hour days. When I complained that I worked long hours, he pointed out that I was off three days a week. I need to make better use of the weekends. They need to be more productive. The weather has been very nice. It is good riding weather.

Thanks for listening. I will be posting my November goals soon.

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