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Last year I planted seeds than ignored them. I was shocked when everything died. Who would have thought that tender new plants and seedlings would whither and die under the harsh Florida sun when neglected. This year I am determined to do better.

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We planted seeds and plants a few weeks before I was held hostage in the hospital.. My daughter kept everything alive during my absence.

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Not only did she keep things alive, they flourished. We have always had good luck with cherry tomatoes. We have plenty of full size ones growing too. They look good right now, but it is to early to start drooling over them. Sometimes they don’t make it for one reason or another.

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There are dozens of tiny squash growing. My mother has expressed her interest in taking any extras I have off my hands.

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I love going out to the garden early in the morning when it is quiet. The blossoms are open. The plants are still damp from dew. It is a good time to be alone with my thoughts.

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I am looking forward to harvesting cucumbers. We eat a lot of them. It will be nice to have ones that are free for the picking and taste better then the waxy store bought ones.

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Nothing tastes better than home grown.



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4 thoughts on “Grow Your Own

  1. Homegrown definitely tastes better! I neglected my garden a bit last year, too. I watered regularly, but didn’t bother with the weeding and the weeds took over creating perfect hiding spots for all of the veggie eating bugs!

  2. Candice, I agree that homegrown always tastes better! I’m jealous, I have to get my fresh produce at the farmers market. Maybe one of these days I’ll plant a garden and try it again. Your daughter did a wonderful job. Thank you so much for sharing your posts with us for Brag About It!

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