The Need for a Plan

Things feel more in control this week. They are falling back into a rhythm. I was having trouble getting to sleep and waking up in the first few weeks after I had surgery. Both are better this week. Also my eating is better. I can’t say I’m eating great, but it is much better then last week.

Speaking of eating, I need a plan. I have the vague¬†idea of ‘losing weight’ without any kind of plan. Let’s face it, it is not working. There are two plans that I have done well on in the past that I keep considering.

The first is Weight Watchers. Several years ago, I lost around 70 pounds on Weight Watchers. I found it all again. Last week I read that Biggest Loser winner, Ali Vincent, joined Weight Watchers. She says she feels like a failure for regaining weight. I think it makes her human. Keeping weight off is much harder than losing it. At least it is for me.

The second program I am considering is Lean For Life. Around a decade or so ago, I lost 50 pounds in two months on Lean for Life. Lean for Life isn’t for the faint of heart. It is hardcore. It leaves no room for cheat days and makes it clear why you should not have them. I don’t think I could stick with this long term. It would be nice to have a round of quick and motivating weight loss to get the momentum going. The question is, am I capable of sticking to such a hard core program right now?

Both have their pros and cons. The biggest con for Weight Watchers is there is not a good meeting time available for me so I would have to do it online. The biggest con for Lean For Life is the strictness it requires.

I am going to decide soon. This lose a pound, gain a pound program I am on now is just not conducive to weight loss.

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