The Return to Normal

Today marks the forth week since I was admitted to the hospital. I never intended on staying gone so long. In fact, on the way to the hospital, I worried about the blog post I never finished. It was a week before Easter. Here are the paper carrot beads that I was going to feature.


I feel good. I had a follow up with the surgeon who confirmed things are doing just fine. The top incision is a little sore still, but that is normal. I’m not even sure sore is the right word. I am aware of its presence.

I haven’t been able to pull myself back on track. Not with blogging. Not with watching what I eat. Not with housework. Not with the budget. This week I am going to make an effort to get back into my routine. There is no physical reason why I shouldn’t. I just feel like I can’t organize my thoughts. My mind is pulled in too many directions and I’m having trouble focusing on one single task for long.

My biggest problem right now is eating. I know I am eating to much. It is a novelty to me. In spite of being obese, for years I have had to be careful not to overdo things. If I did, it cause a gallbladder attack. I no longer have that barometer to tell me when I need to quit. I need to get control of it. This needs to happen immediately.

Next week I have the lose goal of finding my routine. I will resume my daily to do list to help keep me on track. I will post an update on the garden and make some beads if I can still remember how. It has been awhile.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

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