The Curveballs of Life

Sometimes life throws you a curveball.

I have had gallstones for years. I was good at avoiding impending attacks. As soon as I felt one coming on, I would down a few bottles of water and that would make it subside. It was in my head that my gallbladder was at the end of its life expectancy. My doctor told me the next time I have an attack, go to the emergency room. Since I could make it go away, I hadn’t exactly followed that advice.

A week ago Sunday, after lunch, I felt off. It was like a gallbladder attack, but the pain was not quite in the right spot.  It also wasn’t severe, like it can get. I continued to do things around the house. Sunday is generally a big laundry day. I still wasn’t feeling great at dinner time. We ordered Chinese food. I ate on the light side. By 7:30, we had a problem.  I lost my dinner and was feeling pretty bad. After an hour or so debate, we decided to go to the emergency room.

At the emergency room, they diagnosed me with gallstones. What a surprise. They also diagnosed me with pancreatitis. The pancreatitis got me admitted to the hospital.

I am happy with the care I received in the hospital, but nothing seems to happen fast in the hospital.  Sunday they managed pain and nausea. By midmorning on Monday, I was feeling fine. I was on a nothing by mouth ‘diet’ and starving. Late Monday night, I had an MRI to see if there were any stones outside of the gallbladder. Of course there were. Late Tuesday night, a GI doctor did a scope down my throat to remove three rogue stones. Finally on Wednesday night, the gallbladder was taken out. After feeling just fine for close to three days, I was sent home on Thursday when I was feeling the worst.

It is now Monday again. I am feeling better than I have in days. The incisions are healing. My ankles seem to be missing. I hope to be back to my normal routine in a week with the exception of heavy lifting.

Bodies are funny things. Let’s take this out, you don’t need it. Let’s not feed you for three days, fourteen pound weight gain. We interrupt these weigh ins until my system levels out.

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