Paper Beads – St. Patrick’s Day Necklace


St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching. I wanted to do something with paper beads that I could wear to work and not look like I just came from Marti Gras. I needed my paper beads to look more sophisticated then the shiny Kelly green plastic ones sold at the big box stores.


I rolled these paper beads with green and white scrapbook paper. I cut the triangles 1.5 centimeters wide and 1 centimeter wide at the wider end. If I hadn’t cut them myself, I wouldn’t think that would be correct since the larger paper beads look twice as long as the smaller ones. I find that those two widths make perfect sized beads for jewelry.


The subtle coloring says Happy St. Patrick’s Day without being loud about it. These paper beads are accented with small plastic beads that are clear with green coloring inside the hole. The beads are strung on clear bead cord.


Paper beads are so easy to make. It is also a very thrifty craft. You don’t even have to buy paper. A greener way to make them is to use what you have. Do you have junk mail lying around? How about magazines? Reuse something you already have. There is a basic tutorial on Instructables. I have to warn you, though. It is addicting. You might not be able to stop once you start.


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6 thoughts on “Paper Beads – St. Patrick’s Day Necklace

  1. I love that necklace! What a great way to use junk mail, flyers and magazines etc. Great green idea giving you nice jewelry to wear or sell to make a little extra cash. Love it!!

    • I did buy scrapbook paper for these but you can certainly recycle any paper. I try to buy the paper when it is on sale. Today I got some at 7/$1.00.

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