My Failed Target $10 Challenge


I watched a few YouTube videos of people doing the $10 Target challenge. If you aren’t familiar with the challenge, it is where you buy 10 items at Target while only spending $10. It sounded simple enough. In fact, I set out to one up the Youtubers. After watching the useless stuff they bought, to include someone over 30 without children buying sidewalk chalk and another buying baby socks for the hypothetical baby they may or may not have one day, I decided I would only buy things I could use. Easy peasy!!I smugly set off for Target with $10 burning a hole in my pocket.

I started off in the grocery section. I put a few things in my cart as I walked around with a spring in my step.

…and walked

…and walked

After the first 4 items, I was like a pinball banking wildly off the Target aisles. I’ll get a pen. Wait, the cheapest one is almost $3.00. I will look at the sample section. What do you mean this shot glass size of shampoo is almost $1.50?

Finally, after walking around target for an hour and a half, I admitted defeat. I wasn’t going to resort to buying sidewalk chalk and baby socks. My baby is fifteen.

Then I had an idea. I would go to Aldi. Yes!! I could do the challenge at Aldi. I know. I know. That really isn’t much of a challenge so I upped the ante a bit. Not only would I only buy things I could use, I would have to buy meat, produce and chocolate.


It might not have been a challenge, per se, but it was an exercise in being responsible with money. I usually go to the grocery store, fill my cart up, and spend way to much money. Having to think about what I could afford caused me to make better choices. The $10 got me food for two dinners for three people and some leftovers for lunch plus some extras. Happiness is German chocolate for $.99.


What would you do with $10?



2 thoughts on “My Failed Target $10 Challenge

  1. I agree buying things you don’t need is silly but you did a great job buying things you can use to help feed your family. It also shows you can buy good food for less. Well done!

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