My Top Three Reasons to Lose Weight


It could have went either way this week. Lucky for me it went down. I was down a whopping .4 of a pound. I’m not sure I deserve it, but I will take it. I need to find more enthusiasm for this or I am just going to keep yo-yoing in the 250’s.

I need a little motivation, so here are my top three reasons to lose weight.

Improved Memory

Research shows that losing weight can improve your memory. I need all the help I can get with my memory. Most things I need to do are wrote down on index cards so I can keep track of my tasks. I usually chose florescent colors so I don’t lose them. It makes sense that if you improve your health, you improve everywhere, even your brain.

Save Money

Most things I have read focus on the big picture of your health and the reduced medical cost of being at a healthy weight. I would rather focus on the smaller daily things. If you weigh less, your car uses less fuel. There are reduced food costs as well. I weigh a lot because I eat a lot. Processed food adds a lot to your food costs. Yesterdays lunch cost over $8.00 at a fast food restaurant. A healthy homemade lunch would cost far less.


Knees take a beating. The force they take is 1.5 times your weight. That means my knees think I am 375 pounds. Losing weight reduces stress on your weight bearing joints. Less stress on your joints means less pain. Being overweight causes inflammation which can cause pain in other joints.

What motivates you?

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