March Goals


At least things are heading in the right direction. As long as it keeps heading down, I will eventually get there. I am not exactly sure where ‘there’ is. The target weight was assigned by the app.

Let’s talk goals. On a recent podcast, an ‘expert’ said that things like remodeling your bedroom are not goals. Merriam-Webster defines goal as ‘something that you are trying to do or achieve.’ I want to achieve a few things this month. They may not be huge life changing goals, but I want to get them done. Sometimes I procrastinate getting things done, therefore these are goals for me. Without further ado, my list.

Plant vegetable seeds – It is March in sunny Florida…enough said.

Order new phones – My husband and I are both overdue for new phones. I still have a Windows phone, which I do like, but it has become quirky.

Lose 5 pounds – I think that is doable. If I don’t get there, I am not going to beat myself up.

Organize the kitchen pantry – I realized two things today. We have a lot of junk food in the house which is not conducive to weight loss and it is a big old mess. Not that it wasn’t a mess before today, but in the search for something half way healthy to many things had to be taken out and moved around.

Figure out Pinterest – I am not very social media savvy. I do have a Twitter account, though.

Make a Gynecologist appointment and a Dermatology appointment – Last year my husband had some skin cancer removed. I vowed to make a Dermatology appointment because it has been several years since I had one. Six months later and I still haven’t gone. I grew up under the Florida sun wearing tanning oil with no SPF. I need to go!

Septic tank service – We think our septic tank might need to be pumped out. We need to get it taken care of before we have a big problem.

Sorry there are no glamorous goals. Perhaps next month I can look for a tiara and scepter. Until then it is septic tanks and digging in the dirt. What do you have planned for March?

2 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. Great goals! I find if I don’t set goals for myself I don’t get things done. Most days I make a list of things I want to get done to keep me on track. This month I want to finish painting the bed we made for ourselves.

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