Tiny Paper Beads


I bought some origami paper that was on Ebay. I didn’t realize that it was the size of a Post It note. Serves me right for not thinking about what 7.5 centimeters is in inches.


The colors are bright and cheerful. Rather then just reassign the paper to note taking detail, I decided to make it work for the purpose I intended.


A pile of tiny triangles waiting to be rolled into beads. Perhaps they should be reassigned as confetti.

WP_20160228_006 (1)

Twenty one tiny beads that may or may not be functional. I bought some bead glaze, but I have yet to use it. I’m not sure if it would toughen these delicate cylinders up enough to be useable.


I like they way they turned out. The color variation looks good. They are the best beads I have made so far. The rolling is nice and even, for the most part.

WP_20160228_012 (1)

You will never know if you will succeed unless you try.

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