Planning a Better You

My husband regularly says he isn’t perfect but he is trying to do a little better every day. What a great motto.

So you want a better version of yourself? I sure do. There are a few things I would like to work on to be a better me.

Wait my turn

I know I am doing it but sometimes I can’t seem to stop myself. I interrupt people when they are taking. It is the number one thing I want to work on. It is so rude. I am ashamed I have a problem with it.

Just plain weight

It goes way beyond just wanting to look better. I am on blood pressure meditation and the only reason is my weight. It is a health issue. I want to be around for my family. If looking better is a side effect, I am ok with that.


In the depths of depression, I am sure I wasn’t the best wife and mother. Now that I have the depression under control, I want to make sure that I am working to improve at both roles.

Work harder

I want to work on staying focused and not be so distracted at work and home. I have some big goals for work and it will take some hard work to make them happen. At home I want to get the garden going again. That is also hard work. I don’t want to subscribe to that saying work smarter not harder. I think both are important.

I am not aiming for perfection. I just want to follow my husband’s words of wisdom and simply do a little better each day in all areas of my life. The ones I listed are high priorities but I want to be better in all aspects of my life.

What do you want to improve?

2 thoughts on “Planning a Better You

  1. You are not the only one with somethings to work on and in fact you and I are alike in some ways. I too have a tendency to interrupt. My weight, I have been fighting with for many years. Up and down, up and down. Some days I feel so distracted I can’t get anything done but I try not to beat myself up although I find that hard too. I take it day by day. I tell myself I am human and life is to short to beat myself up. I just give it my best. I haven’t met anyone yet that is perfect.

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