Rush Rush Rush

The world is always in a hurry.

Today on my drive home from work, I am stopped at a red light. The light turns green. I am actually paying attention to the fact that it has turned green. I look around to make sure nobody is going to T-bone me if I pull out into the intersection. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!

Really? The light just turned green. I am not waiting on a particular shade of green. I just want to make sure moving forward won’t send me to my death because of a red light runner.

During Christmas vacation, my daughter and I went out shopping much later then we normally would. Traffic was very light. We came to a red light. I stopped with the intention of just briefly stopping and then turning on the red light. There was no traffic coming. The moment my car came to a complete stop, the driver behind me lays on the horn and pulls around me. I wasn’t camping out here, buddy. I was simply stopping at the red light. It is the law, you know.

Then there are those people that pass you like you are standing still, only to see them again when they get caught at the same red light.

Don’t forget the people that are complaining when there is one person in front of them in the checkout line.

I have a friend that once told me she is always rushing. Even when there is all the time in the world to do something, she can’t turn off the rush mode. She didn’t know why she was always in a hurry.

I spend more time trying to hurry along my teenager then actually hurrying myself. I try not to feel rushed. I wait patiently in lines. I try to leave in plenty of time to get where I am going. On school days, we are sometimes running late but once we get in the car, I am going to go the speed limit and not pass people like a mad women to try get there faster. Sometimes it means I am a few minutes late for work. Luckily, my employer is very lenient about those kind of things.

Most of us have to much stress in our life. Simply slowing down can reduce it.

My daughter says it best. When I tell her she is out of minutes for something, she tells me we are never out of minutes. That is almost true. As long as you are breathing, there are more minutes.

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