Paper Beads – The Learning Process


I bought some new bead making tools. I like them so much better than the gadget I was using before. I have so much more control over the paper as it is rolled.


I love this marbled paper. After watching a few youtube videos, I decided to buy a cutting mat, metal cork backed ruler, and an Exacto knife. The woman demonstrating the technique made it seem so simple to cut without making lines to follow.


I had a bit of trouble in the beginning. I had quite a few cuts that weren’t quite right. Apparently it isn’t as simple as it seems.

WP_20160206_001 (1)

After a while, I got the hang of it. Running the Exacto knife down the side of the ruler is much faster and straighter than trying to do it with scissors.


Most of the beads are shaped like I wanted, small and round. There are a few rogue ones in the bunch that were made with paper I cut wrong.

WP_20160206_006 (1)

I need some more practice. They are not exactly symmetrical. I don’t think the small beads are as pretty as the paper they were made out of.

WP_20160207_001 (1)

I made a batch of bigger beads to see if I liked them better. I think the larger ones do look a bit better.


I think next time I need to trim the point of the triangle before I start rolling the bead. That will make them look a bit cleaner and neater.

WP_20160207_004 (1)

Which do you like better?

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