Pretty in Pink

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When I was in my teens and twenties I cross stitched. When I was in my thirties I bought cross stitch charts…lots of charts. I bought them all with the intention of doing them one day. Most were for big elaborate pieces. I got rid of them in my forties. We remodeled and I purged a lot of things in the process. It still hurts a bit. It is like unfulfilled dreams. Even if I wanted to cross stitch now, I couldn’t. All those tiny squares and symbols are to much for my forty five year old eyes.


Paper beads are getting me back in touch with my former crafty persona, the crafty Candace I once considered myself. In the years since my daughter was born, crafty Candace peeked out once in awhile. My daughter was a active Girl Scout for 9 years. I was very active with her. I was even the troop leader for her last year of Juniors. That was a very crafty year. I also learned to crochet several years ago. I have to force myself not to horde yarn like I used to horde those cross stitch patterns.


The bead on top was made with my bead making gadget. The bead on the bottom was rolled with just my fingers. I prefer the bottom one. It is tighter and more even.


I am looking forward to the next batch already.

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