One down, eleven to go

Something odd happened. I blinked and January is almost over.

Overall, I am pretty happy with how things have went. I feel like a totally different person then I did two months ago…before antidepressants. I read that you might not be sad anymore once you start on medication, but you aren’t happy either. You are just feel numb. I felt like that for a few weeks. Lately I have felt so happy that it is slightly annoying at times. I know that sounds weird. I am so happy I annoy myself. It isn’t lasting annoyance, just a brief moment then it is gone. I will take it over the uncontrollable anger I felt before.

 I have had more energy, too. I have been channeling it into some walks with my daughter and a daily to do list. I keep an index card on my desk at work and add things to the list throughout the day. I usually don’t finish everything on the list, but I am doing more around the house on a daily basis then I have in years.

This week we had to replace our dryer. After a year or so of squeaking, it decided it was done. It will be delivered tomorrow. I wasn’t ready to buy a dryer, but at least I can cross one 2016 goal off my list.

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