Welcome to Lothend. It is just a short boat ride from Whitestone.

Here I am arriving on the dock. What a beautiful city. There is a comfy storage, a few guild merchants, an overpriced tavern, an herbalist who will sell you pretty flowers and a general store. It is definitely more economical to buy your wine and meat on the mainland. Johan of Lothend is a scammer.

Could this be a sign of things to come? Will fishing be the future of OL? I would just love it if my special someone would make me a nice salmon dinner. Perhaps we could find a cozy cottage in Lothend. I predict Lothend will be the voted best town to live in Other-Life for 2018.

While exploring I also found the blacksmith, Braun. He was quite friendly but his selection of items offered no surprises. It appears he sells the same things as the blacksmiths on the mainland do.

I never met a vegetable patch I didn’t like. Look at this beautiful one in Lothend at the Northern Farm near 132,253. It was there that I earned the respectable overall level of 21. My harvesting also leveled to 21 in this humble patch of vegetables. The only other harvestable I ran across was some impatients in the area of 97,340. Lothend does have access to the silver cave. Apparently I am not knowledgeable enough to harvest the silver.

There are some critters inhabiting Lothend. I saw beavers, rabbits and the occasional dirty rat. There were also a few carefree imps running around. Lothend offers access to an ‘Imp Cave’ but I found it imp-less. On the way to the silver cave I ran up on some wolves. Here is me dying at their hands.

All in all, it was a beautiful trip. I suggest you put Lothend on your list of places to see in 2018.